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the main part is quite done

June 28, 2007

exams are over, so I was able to spend some time in this place. I managed to finish great parts of the main explanation. I explained the special parts of the code. If you think there’s missing something, tell me! Next time I’ll come here I’ll tell you something about doing hardware on FlightGear and I hope I can report something about doing Blender on Managed DirectX.  Furthermore I’m curious if it’s possible to place a .zip file somewhere in this place to make the code downloadable for you…

In my blog stats I mentioned that yesterday someone found this site by feeding his/her search engine with the words ‘flightgear c# socket’…thanks buddy! Can you figure out which site is the #1 entry when you google for ‘flightgear c#’?

Yes – there’s still hope…


added some pre-this-blog-info

June 11, 2007

…right here! For anyone who’s new to FlightGear and wants to get it the air as soon and easy as possible, have a peek at this ‘basic tutorial’.